Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Im finally a SOPHMORE

Today actually wasnt that bad. I liked it. I met all my teachers and they seemed pritty nice. I dont think I like my English teacher though. Shes kinda Stiff, and she speaks in monotone so that makes things more boring. I think I will like History the most this year because my history teacher, Mr. carlson, promised to make it a good and fun year. He is funny and he doesnt take life to seriously. Hes new this year but he just got back from teaching in South Africa. Which I felt was amazing because of the Aparthide that was going on. If you dont know what Aparthide was it was the seperation of black and white people sort of like an segregration (did I spell that right?) Anyways, I also like the room that I take history in because its a lecture hall and those have like 4 different floor levels like bleachers. Im at the veary top so I get to be higher then the teacher...hehe.

We got a new Principle and I really dont like him. First of all only seniors are aloud in the parking lot and on the front lawn and off campus. Juniors and sophmores cant park in the school parking lot. WHICH IS REALLY REDICULOUS BECAUSE IM GETTING MY LISENCE SOON!! WHERE THE HECKERS AM I SUPPOSED TO PARK? He changed a lot of rules. Some good changes but mostly bad changes.

I promised myself I'd do good this year but I also promised someone else. Im not going to break that promise to him. I know some how hes looking down on me and hoping that I do a good job.

Mom was in a bad mood today. She went for a ride and I dont know where she went. I call to check on her and shes ok. but I dont think shes driving because usually you can hear the car or the wind going through the window or something, but it was just silent.


Steph said...

Heather Darling,
I'm glad you had a good first day.
I hope your mom's okay.
Do your best.
Learn how to use the spell checker when you post a blog, it will help you with your spelling!
Auntie Steph

Kim said...

No, don't use the spell check. It gives me a good laugh because it's coming from you Heather:) It's your personality shining through.

I hope you have a great year!

Love, Auntie Kim