Thursday, September 13, 2007


So you might have heard about the case of the abuducter in Laconia. Well Im a lil scared cause i live in laconia. The third attempt was last night so now Im not aloud to walk anywhere alone.

Since this situation, Judy went out and got me a blow horn that has some kind of chemical in that makes your skin react to it like you have frost bite. Its pretty sweet for me but if I ever have to use that thing that guy wont be able to hear and will be in a lot of pain. If the blow horn doesnt work...well than I got pepper spray and if that doesnt work Ima have ta kick him ( need i say more?)

Anyways, this weekend Im going to canobe lake park with scott cause his mom got tickets for all of us cause theyre closing down the park for like less than 500 people with tickets. Then on sunday Im going on a doubled date kinda things with scott, his brother, and his brotheres little girlfriend. Pat and Keirsten arent really people id like to go with but i promised id go.

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