Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet Another....

OK so Judy I didn't read your comment on my last song until I had already recorded this one. But I will take your advice for next time. As for all my other viewers I appreciate the comments very much. HOWEVER!, thinking of songs to sing is hard and I really do need some requests.
So I have a little fantasy to buy my own recording equipment. It's something I'm seriously looking into. The mic and the pop filter ( you can look it up if you don't know what a pop filter is) is probably the two least expensive things I could buy, however, the recording machine thing itself costs up to a couple hundred. Like I'm talking any where from 3 to 9 hundred dollars. On one hand I want to get one that is cheap but on the other hand I don't cuz I want it to last. So I call this my fantasy because it will take me a long time to save up, but I want this system bad enough to make it into reality instead of just a fantasy. Wish me luck. aha.
On another note, my concert choir teacher told us today that the Manchester Monarchs have invited us to sing the national anthem at one of there games. I cant wait. Austria ( yes I know its a different country) has also contacted us to sing there as well. However, we would have to save up a lot of money in a fairly short amount of time. So shes going to calculate just how much we will have to fund and then get back to us about it. I honestly don't think we will be able to raise enough. IF WE ARE ABLE TO DO A FUND RAISER I AM HUNTING ALL OF YOU DOWN.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a Week

I had finals this week. I only had to go in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then i had Friday off. Except Friday I went in to school to take my choir final cuz the final is singing 4 songs, rhythm counting, and solfedging. Which is all verbal of course so the teacher had us sign up for days to take the final. I thought I signed up for Friday at 12 but I apparently did not. So i walked all the way to school to find that my final isn't until Monday at 12:15. I seriously think someone switched days cuz i did write in pencil and it could have been easily erased. Anyway I went on edline to see if my teachers have posted my final grades yet and 3 out of 5 did. My lowest grade is a c- and my highest is a B so far. I'm pretty proud of myself. So in the near future I will have some great news for you guys. You'll have to wait to find out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Since Thursday (1.15.09 )

Thursday Mom and I went to Robins house for taco's and to see Kim and Jesse for the first time since they flew in. I couldn't believe how tall Jesse is. There's something wrong with my baby cousin being taller than me. I guess he's just not my baby cousin anymore ;) I forgot my camera Thursday but I remembered it for the rest of the weekend.
Friday Mom, Kim, Jesse, Luke, Alyssa and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Alyssa and I took a million pictures while we were waiting.

Saturday night was the dance party and it was the first dance party I have ever been too. It was a ton of fun. While we were waiting for the dance party to come we played a lot of games like Uno, Go fish, Dora Memory and we played Topple.

Kristyn, John, Ella, Aunty Steph and Uncle Chris came on Sunday. This was Aunty Kim and Jesse's first time meeting Ella.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Song....

It took me a million tries, yet I'm still not satisfied. Oh well. Ill have another one soon for you. Feed back is good. Anything you have to say will help me along the way.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got the Web Cam

However, my computer is gay and it wont let me install it. Called my aunty robin and she got me on the right direction and when that didnt work so had me call costumer service. I called and they couldnt help either. Basically what it came down to was a 15 minute conversation tryin to figure the darn thing out and the conversation ended with " Oh error 1606 means your computer is missing this file." UGH.

So mom was kinda enough to let me install it on her top but it interupts her precious game time. So I need to figure this this out. Ick. So if you dont get any songs...BLAME IT ON MOM!!!!