Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Birthday

Today my birthday at school went well. This is what my day consisted of. I got up early to make sure I didn't forget the 44 cupcakes I made last night. It was horrible getting on the bus because I had my back pack, a duffel bag full of cupcakes and a Shaw's bag full of cupcakes. I go to get off the bus and I whacked my forehead on the top of the door. That's what I get for being tall. Then first period I'm taking a test and I hear " Heather Lloyd to the office please Heather Lloyd to the office." Well that's not me so then I hear, " Sorry Heather LORD to the office please." Aha. So I get down there and my best friend, Becka( the one in the picture with me from a previous post), was late to school because she brought me balloons =).
Then I had second period and nothing good happened. Third period came and I passed out my cupcakes. It was all good. After that we worked on our projects. While I was working on it I dropped something so I bent down to pick it up and when I did I slipped in my chair and bashed my face on the edge of the table. Ouch. So embarrassing.
Fourth period, concert choir had a surprise party and sang happy birthday to me and handed out cookies.
I get ready to get back on the bus at the end of the day and I slip and fall with everything in my hands. I was all dirty and again embarrassed.
So I get home and just wanna relax. I start sing my heart out and the phone rings. Its Donna from down stairs. Shes calls to say happy birthday but also asks me if I ever thought about trying out for New Hampshire Idol. I flipped out. I was like " OMG do you hear me singing all the time?" She said no but when she does she will stop what shes doing and mute the tv to listen to me. So embarrassing. So we talked about it for about five minutes. She says I have her support support and so does Mike ( her husband ) because apparently hes my biggest fan.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Right Now

I'm doing well in school and I'm hoping to get the car back for Thursdays and Fridays. I got it taken away because I got a D on my report card and driving the car is a privilege. I haven't worked since the 9Th so I'm without at check this week. However, I am working on black Friday from 3pm to 11pm. Yay me...not. Then I have to get up in the morning to work again Saturday from 10am to 6pm. I won't be able to go to Steph and Chris's 25Th anniversary party =(. I'm sorry. I told them I couldn't work after 3:30ish but they are dumb. So since I wont see you then Ill say it now, HAPPY 25TH!!!!

Thank You Auntie Robin, Luke and Alyssa for the birthday money. Thank you Alyssa for picking out the piggy card. Its cute.

My birthday is on Tuesday. I'm getting that much closer to adulthood. Yikes!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I wish....

I'm at the point in my life where I don't know what to think about anything. I don't know how I should feel about anything. When I come across a conflict, I struggle with what to say or what to think or how I should feel. Is what I think wrong? Is what I say really how I feel? Is what I feel really what I want to say?

And then there is the opinion of what others think about my situation. It seems that sometimes their opinion and my opinion get smooshed in between a rock and then makes things more confusing.

I want to think for myself about situations, but I can't because it feels wrong.

It doesn't make sense.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Weeks

Only two weeks until my birthday, 9 days until grammy's birthday, and who knows when Ella will come, but Gram and I are happy to invite her into the November birthdays.

I will go over what I want again.

Unless its for i tunes.

This may sound gross but being a teenager and all I'm getting acne and I would like the Clean and Clear black head eraser. http://www.drugstore.com/qxp189168_333181_sespider/clean_and_clear/blackhead_eraser.htm

That's just about all I want. I miss those little kid years when I wanted every toy in the world, but I'm gonna be 17 and don't want no toys.

Work. I've only been working one day a week. That makes me made but next week I will be scheduled a lot more. I can't wait. I really need money to save up.

School has been real good too. I'm starting off way better than I did last quarter.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Arrival

My friend Chelsea had her baby girl today. If you remember I told you that coincidentally Kristyn and Chelsea had the same due date. Baby Meagan is here now we just gotta wait for sweet baby Ella.

Monday, November 3, 2008