Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Got It

I got the job at the Gap.

I start on Sunday.

I get 7.75 an hour.

I work 0-25 hours a week.

I am proud.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's So Lucky

So guess who has an interview tomorrow?!!!

YUP me! Today I went to the Tangor Outlet because I saw on the website the a lot of the stores were looking for part time seasonal help. I figured even if it was seasonal I should still go apply because at least while I'm looking for a permanent job Ill be getting money. So I applied to a couple places. Throughout the night I was thinking about applying to the Gap but then I would rethink it because I bet you had to be 18. So the last place I went was the Gap because I knew I needed to give it a shot or at least ask if you had to be 18. I went in and I asked if they were hiring. She said yes and then told me the hiring manager was right behind me and told me that I should fill out the application right here and give it too her after. So the whole time I was filling out the application I was talking to the manager too and just being nice and trying to look like I was right for the job. I did the smile thing a lot which is what mom tells me to do cuz she says my smile is a killer. So I guess my smile was extra killer tonight because she scheduled an interview for me before I was even done the application. So tomorrow I have an interview at the Gap at 3! Yay me. Wish me luck

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

34 Days

I'm still applying for jobs and still worring about what will happen after high school. Theres no doubt that I want to go to Cosmetology School. I would like to go to the Empire Beauty School right here in Laconia so I can stay at home. If I don't get into Empire than I will apply to Michael's School of Hair Design and Esthetics which is in Bedford. I may even apply to both so I'm not hanging if I don't get into Empire.

I'm singing the National Anthem with 8 other people next Thursday at the Jag Ceremony. Jag is a program at school. I don't know much about it. I also did not get into the Lakes Region Music Festival. I'm not upset about it because it wasn't anything I had to audition for. Mrs. Gibson just submitted our names and the people running the festival randomly selected names. So that means that Kim will not be able to see a concert of mine until next year when she moves back.

My grades are for the most part really good. Except for my Geometry class. Im not doing so hot in that class but I'm not failing either. So I went to my guidance counselor and we had a meeting this morning with my teacher. Didn't really do much, but I am determined to pass this class and never ever have to take a math class ever again.