Tuesday, October 30, 2007


How is everyone? My life has been pretty normal and Ive been really good for my mom. I havent talked back to her at all. Im so proud of myself.

Thursday, October 25, 2007



Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This weekend I went to auntie stephs house because I was grounded and mom left. So saturday mom dropped me off like a sack-o-tatos and me and Steph went to Brendas house and then we went and got the truck because Kristyn decided to ride her bike home. But only made it 60 miles. Which is still really good though. Then after a long day of getting lost and being in the car all day we got a break and went to robins house. One of the first things my little Alyssa said was " I so glad to see you Heada" hehehe. Then we went to Stephs house and I watched the red sox kick some Indian butt!!! ( I think thats who they were playing) So the next day noone had to work and we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins. Kristen carved a tree. Jenn carved a drunk face with the insides of the pumpkin spilling out of its mouth. It looked awesome!! And I did a witch.

umm as you might already know, I dont get to take drivers ed this month. I have to wait until january. AND I BETTER BE IN THAT CLASS CAUSE I ALREADY SENT THE FORMS AND MONEY...humph

ps. Jesse's birthday is tomorrow...!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Nothing great has been happening. Just been going to school, coming home, and then doing homework. ugh...

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I had my audition for the barbershop festival. This year there were new judges. I was hoping the judges were going to be the same as last year because I wanted to ask them if they thought I improved since last year. This is if they had remembered, but it doesnt matter because it wasnt the same people. However, these judges said that I was amazing and I have a really good wide range of pitches. I was proud of myself. Even though I'm almost guarrenteed of being in the festival this year because I was in it last year, the judges said that it would be a pleasure to have me in the festival agian this year and that I should be looking foward to the acceptance letter in January. YAYYY GO ME!

Anyway Mr Lamarre, the drivers ed teacher, finally called back and left a message saying that the class was full even before mom sent the forms in and everything. Im a little upset. Mom has to call him back again and discus it. So im going to go remind her right now...

oh yeah...hahaha my hair is BLUE

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just realized that jesse's birthday is in like....8 days! Wow, 13, I remember those days. Almost 3 years ago I was 13, only... I was in 8th grade. But still it seems like just yesterday me a little jesse were wrestling on the floor and this summer we only argued like ONCE. WHOOO HOOO. I Love you Jess....

Dont you feel old Kim? Hes practically a teen. ( Good luck with that )

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I chose..

I chose Thank You to sing by Ashanti. I means a lot to me as far as lyrics go. I think I said it was an easy song to sing in my previous post but I disagree with myself. Mostly because the song has some really high notes and some really low notes and some measures I have to sing without taking a breath so I have to take a sort of slilent deep breath before I sing that verse/measure. Its realy hard to explain.

Anyway. I am having troubles with drivers ed and I havent even started yet. See, I have this friend who will be taking the same drivers ed class as me. She has gotten things in the mail from our teacher and I have not. Ive already paid for drivers ed and if it turns out that im not going to be in the class i will be very upset. He is not returning our calls!!!

Tomorrow I get to go to school at 8 because I am taking the PSAT. Its a practice SAT so I can be prepared when and if I do take the SAT. ARENT YOU PROUD?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barbershop Festival

Last year as you all know I was chosen to be in the Barbershop Festival. Every year high school kids can audition in front of the barbershop coordinators to be in the show. Last year I sang I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack.

The auditions are coming up next Thursday and I'm not sure what I will sing. I was thinking about Thank You by Ashanti because I sang that for a talent show in 7th grade. It's a fairly short song and it has no music with it. That means its ocapella ( not sure how to spell that and its not in spell check. Anyways if you guys have any suggestions about a good song I should sing and one that I can learn quickly, let me know. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday was a wednesday. Another bad wednesday for me....*sigh*

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Blue Man Group

Oh my goodness. I went to the Blue Man Group tonight and it was AMAZING! I have to admit when I first told Judy I'd go with her, I wasn't to excited about going. I just figured I go because I had nothing else to do tonight. But when I got there the show was so exciting and amazing. It wasn't what I expected it to be at all. This is how my day went:

I slept at Judy's house last night. So I woke up at like 7:30 Demetri climbing over my head to get the remote. Haha the first thing I saw this morning was a foot in my face so my day started out with a laugh. Then I took a shower around 9. I watched the kids after that so Judy could take her shower. When she was done getting ready we went out for breakfast at like 10. When we got back everybody was there and ready to go. When I say everybody I mean Judy's mom, Dan's mom and dad, Dan's aunt, Judy, Dan and I. So we were off to go pick up Judy's brother at UNH where he goes to college. Then we were off the Boston. When we got there we had a late lunch early dinner sorta thing at 3:30. We had to be in the theatre at 4:30 and the show started at 5. It was a blast. It was a comedy slash musical. The show was good 'cause the included the audience in it a lot! At the end of the show the 3 blue dudes were out near the entrance where you could make donations towards aids ( well you know what I mean) and you could take pictures. I got a picture with one of them which was awesome. They don't talk though so the conversation didn't go to well...hahaha.

I will try to put the picture up next time I post. But right now I am really tired and I still have to check out the other blogs. Its a good thing I don't have school in the morning!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Every time I see a motorcycle. Every time I hear a motorcycle. Every time I see Alyssa's face. Every time I see Luke's face. Every time I see Robin's face. Every time I hear those songs. Every time I walk out side and it's a beautiful day. Every time I see a ford. Every time I look at my register and see that I made my account the day before. Every time I think about my birthday. The number 25. Anniversaries. Curly hair. A "life's good" T-shirt. Orange soda. Spinners. Every time I wear my " Jordyns ride" t-shirt. My friend Joe. The news. An ambulance. Howie from deal or no deal. Every time I go to camp. Every time I ride the boat. Every time I see those pictures. Every time someone mentions an accident. Mints. Vodka. Uncles. Spiders. Sports. Waves. Simple answers. Every time I see a truck. Every time I see a flat bed. Every time I hear that someone is dying. Every time I hear someone died. Chances. My memories. The ache. It hurts. YOU. Every time I see your face.

My life is based on frustration.....It won't stop even if I scream. Even if I pray. Even if I laugh. Even if I cry.

I've asked a few questions that nobody is able to answer. Why is it that I see things on T.V or hear about people who have been getting in to motorcycle accidents because they were doing stupid stuff like wheelies and they live, but he dies just trying to go home? Why did god take him when he had so much here? Why in such a way? I don't get it and it will always frustrate me. Frustration leads to sadness and hurt and crying and then living it all over every day.