Monday, November 30, 2009


Turning 18 wasn't such a big deal after all. I'm glad actually.

I definitely got my dose of freedom on Wednesday and learned the hard way that getting the freedom you want doesn't mean its always going to be fun.

Beckie and I went and got facial piercings. I know every one of you think that's gross. ( Well those of you over 30 )I got my Monroe pierced, which is an off center piercing on the upper lip.( Beckie got her nose done ) I thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever and it is. Except for the swelling. I wont even begin to tell you about it because its disturbing. Lets just say it swelled up so bad for a couple of days I thought I was going to have to take it out. But today the swelling went down about 50%-60%. Its just a little red. So that's my example of how freedom isn't always fun. I had to deal with the consequences of getting this done.

What really made me feel like an adult is when I asked mom if i could go some where, she said....and I quote " Heather you're 18 and you don't necessarily have to ask me if you can go places. You just have to let me know where you are." That was cool especially since earlier that day she said I had to live with her forever because I'm still too young to be out on my own. haha. I thought she was gonna cry.

I'm really hoping my 18th year will be amazing because of graduating and going to empire =)

Thanks for all the birthday money =) I was able to get some nice shirts and shoes for empire =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"What do you do when you have given up?"

I don't do anything. I am completely miserable and more stressed out than I was when I was in the process of looking and applying. I don't know what to do. I dont know if theres anything I can do.

"Dont give up you really think you wont have a job forever?"

The only thing keeping me from going into a loony bin is knowing that I am going to Empire in 61 days and by january 2011 I will have my cosmetology license and I will have a good, stable, and secure job that I will love. But for now...having a job just isnt working out....clearly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Im fine

It was just a cold.

I didn't have swine flu and my cold left as quickly as it came.

Sunday night I started feeling it. Monday I went to school and came home a little early. Yesterday I had a day off of school and basically spent most of my day in bed getting rid of what was left. And today I feel perfectly fine.

A lot of people have been out of school and as far as I know 10 students have the swine flu. But rumors pass on quickly so who knows if thats a true fact or not. Im not kidding you though, I have 19 people ( my smallest class ) in my crafts class and about 9 or 10 have been there this whole week. I don't remember last years cold and flu season being this bad. But Im oblivious to most things.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How much will change when I turn 18?

Every time its brought up something else is changed about how I'll live and what I will do from then on. My future is brought up constantly in the same subject. Like moving out and where. What I will do for a job as a cosmetologist (because I dont have to just work in a salon)

I seem to think it will stay the same. Ill have the same friends, be in the same house, living with the same mother. But, Ill be going to Empire, paying off financial aid, and hopefully working.All by January.

How much did it change when you turned 18?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Right There

I finally have a job interview at Gymboree Outlet in the Tanger Outlets. I would not let this one slip through my fingers this time. I wish I had started counting how many applications I have filled out since January because I would guess 1,000 by the time I applied at Gymboree.
This time I went IN to apply. Then I filled out the application IN the store. Then I asked questions like "Should I call or wait for a call?" and "How many days should I wait to call and who shall I ask for?" Then I waited two days and called. Erin practically gave me an interview on the phone. She said that she hadn't looked at my application yet but she would and she would call me back. She didn't call on Tuesday so I called back. She wasn't there. So I called Wednesday and she still wasn't there. So I called thrusday. I Made her write my name and phone number down so she wouldn't forget me. Saturday she called back and now I have an interview. People say the most persistant ones get the interviews/jobs. I wish I listened and didn't have to learn the hard way.

For me, this was like reaching for the moon. Every time I filled out and application it was another 100 feet higher. And everytime I called back it was another two hundred feet higher. But for every two hundred feet I fell back a hundred because I would not get that interview. Finally now I have got an interview and it feels like the moon is only an arm length away and if I could just get that job it will be in my hands. Eventually though I will lose grip because it is only a seasonal position. Im trying my hardest not to focus on that part.
I still plan on trying to get the job at J-Jill. J-Jill is a seasonal position as well but working two jobs is something I really feel I need to do because I am starting Empire in January. Im almost positive I can handle working two jobs because I barely get homework. I get home work in ONE class maybe two but thats rare. I can't work until 4:30 or 5 so that gives me about 2 hours to do the homework before I have to go to work. Im going to see how many hours I get working at Gymboree and if it's not enough I will still try to get the job at J-Jill.

Am I rushing myself. I mean...I still have to pass the interview. haha