Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking Back

"As for the person I want to be, I want to be the best person I can be. I want to reach my life goals with my head high. I know sometimes the hurdles get really hard to jump but I'm willing to take 'em on and beat 'em up. I want to learn how to make mistakes and learn from them instead of letting them push me down. I want to not let my fears get in the way of how I'd like to live my life. I want to not only make myself proud but I want to make you proud." - December 2009

I wish I had read that every day for the past year. I forgot all to easily about who I wanted to be. Im at a point in my very young adult life where the hurdle I have come across seems almost impossible. Until I read this post I thought I was at my deepest depression. I lost my job and had to walk into the bank to get an extension on my loan so my car wouldnt get repoed. I had to shut of my cell phone and most of you know that was my bestfriend. I was going 84 in a 65 and got a fine of $258.33 and had to deal with making myself feel extremely stupid. I had to start depending on people. When I read that post I knew I had to change something about what I was doing. So I'm turning over a new leaf.