Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Funniest Thing

Yesterday I was babysitting as usual. It was a normal day. I got out of school walked over to Rite Aid where Judy picks me up so I can watch her kids, then she left and I had to bundle up zoe to go pick up Demetri ( by walking). Just after we had gotten back, Dan pulled in. However, he wanted to run some erands so I watched the kids a little while longer. Ok, heres the funny part. While Dan was getting ready to leave, Demetri decided he wanted some grapes for a snack. But, he was also chewing gum. So insted of throwing the gum away like I had asked, he decided to take the gum and wrap it around the grape and then eat it. Well, He got all excited about his new grape gum invention that he just had to tell his dad. As he was telling his dad the story he was using his finger as a food prop, and Bite right down on his finger. He started crying while me and dan couldnt help but laugh.

After Dan got back he gave me a ride home. Demetri seems to like not wearing pants so his dad told him to put pants on and demetri looked up at his dad with a BIG smile and said " Dad? wouldnt it be great if we all could be naked everywhere!?" Now I know you all dont know demetri all that well but its just funny cause he says things like he thought of it first.

Today was a normal day babysitting. Both the kids were really good and demetri and I had a lot of fun. He told me he had two favorite babysitters and the first people that popped in my head were his old babysitter Lauren and his nane (nani) ( his great aunt). But to my surprise he said I was his favorite babysitter along with his nane. It made me feel like im doing a really good job and that I can take care of kids. I already knew Zoe loved me beacuse she always smiles when she sees me and wants me to hold her. Like, she will crawl over to me while im standing or sitting and grab my legs to pull herself up so I can pick her up. I also got really good news that Judy would like me to babysit until i graduate if possible. And I think thats great because I love taking care of kids and babies and its better than working in some grubby fast food place ( no effense to the platt kids).


JoAnn said...

hmmmm...i seem to remember a girl who shall remain nameless, who bit her finger because she thought it was a piece of chicken!!

JoAnn said...

and...there are quite a few people in this world i would NOT like to see naked at all, much less everywhere!