Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ok Kim,

Kim asked me to write about a book I am reading.
The book I am reading is called Fehrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I have to read it for English. Let me tell ya, it's the most boring book I have ever read. Its about a guy who burns books for a living because it was illegal to read them. His wife is crazy and attempts suicide all the time. They act like they don't even care about eachother. It's so boring

And a college? I dont know yet. Im looking for a college in NH where I can major in photography. Or just a school for photography. i havent made up my mind if I want to go to school for photography or cosmotology so im thinking about doing both...maybe not at the same time tho.....If I do decide to do both I will do cosmotology 1st so I can get a job quickly and then be able to save up for school for photography also.

Next month I will be taking the PSAT. Thats like a prep test for the SAT and its not mandatory but i signed up anyway. I also go on because each day I get a sample question from the SAT. It helps me because I know what kind of questions to expect on the SAT.... YAYYYY IM SMART


Kim said...

Great job on the SAT question of the day. I actually liked studying for the SAT. Don't ask me why.

The book you are reading actually sounds interesting. Books being burned because they are illegal??? Craziness....Does it make you wonder how grammie and your Mom would have to live if books were actually illegal? I would go absolutely insane if it were true.

Don't forget about the college in Dover for photography. I think we looked it up while you were here.

Thanks for the update, that was nice of you to post again on the same day:)

Steph said...

Ray Bradbury wrote a book called Martian Chronicles that is one of Uncle Chris's favorites. It's a sci-fi sort of thing that he made us listen to on tape once in the car and I found it incredibly boring. I'll bet he read this one too.