Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

I cant take it!!!

Im quitting home goods as soon as I get another job.

My boss wouldn't give me my check tonight even when I asked for it. She also told me she'd give me the fourth off if my other boss confirmed that I told her I needed it off at the interview. So she did confirm it but the other boss still wont give me the fourth off. A girl who started the same EXACT day that I did already got a raise. She works two days a week and does her job poorly. I always end up redoing the work she does. This is crap. Sorry to those who are fans of the Tjx companies but I don't think how they are treating me is fair.

Im applying at Friendly's and at Merideth savings bank. Merideth Savings is hiring high school students and they pay well. Its also better because they are only open until 12 on saturdays and arent open on sundays so I could go up to camp saturday afternoons. I dont want to get my hopes up so Im trying to stay calm.

Opinions? I need help

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whether you wanta hear it or not....

Next time I go back to school....I'll be a junior. That means I'll be turning 17 and it also means one year closer to graduating. I plan on making these last 2 years of my teenage life special before I go off into the real world.


Thursday, June 12, 2008



Are you?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Its been a while...

It's been sooooo hot here and I don't wear shorts or anything that cuts above the elbow and I havent for a while. I really cant complain about how hot I am because its my choice not to wear short things but I can say....


Probably been a while since you've heard me say that huh?

Friday, June 6, 2008


when i asked who was going up to camp this weekend I meant NEXT weekend. hehe my bad

Kim & Steph

How do you plan to get to camp? And yes I'll be at camp if you'll be at camp. And Ive saved up both my pay checks so far. I get my third one this week and it should be doubled the amount I got from last weeks because I worked more.

Steph your suggestion was great. I'll talk to my friends about it.

For everyone else...WHO ELSE IS GOING TO CAMP THIS WEEKEND???? I'll be there!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not Going

I decieded not to go to France and Spain. Money is a big issue and it cost $2,199. Tonight at the meeting they said nothing about fund raising. It would be really hard for me to save up for a car and the trip. It is really upsetting but somethings just can't be done.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


" Ya know? I wouldn't have put you in concert Choir if I didn't think you had a good voice. You have a beautiful voice. You just need a shot of confidence every step you take."

~ Mrs. Gibson

She told me this today when I was taking my exam for chorus which part of it is and oral exam. She said this when I was to quiet or not really trying. What she said has been playing over and over in my head like a broken record. It still doesn't seem real that I'm even privileged enough to be put in Concert Choir.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aww Man!

So if some of you don't know already, my friend Chelsey is having a baby and is due the same day as Kristyn. I know, I said my friend. Before you judge which I don't think you will but let me just say that she already had a job, she has only been with her boyfriend and she is graduating next Friday. I know all that doesn't make it okay but she is responsible and I'm helping her through what I can. I feel sort of bad because the other day she asked me if I wanted to be at the hospital while she was in labor and I told her I wanted to stick around my family for Kristyn.

So today I was excited because she was going to find out if she was having a boy or girl. BUT they baby decided to be stubborn and wouldn't turn over. So we don't know. Hopefully Kristyn's baby doesn't do the same.

My mom is letting me go to France and Spain next year. The info meeting for parents and students is Thursday but I can't go so mom is going all my her lonesome. I have to work but it's okay cuz I have to save up every penny. I'm still trying to think of ways to save up for a car too. I will do this. I am determined.

KIM I HAVE JUNE 13Th, 14Th, and 15Th OFF SO I CAN SEE YOU AND JESSE. I was wondering what plans were for that weekend. Are you going to Robins or are we all heading up to camp?

I also have the weekend of 4Th of July off. Looks like I wont be around for the fun and games this year. I'll be too late.

I also have only 11 more days of school and then I become a big bad Junior in high school. Can you believe it? I'm almost to my third year.