Friday, August 31, 2007

Jenn's Coming

Jenn came home from the island this week and I get to see her today.

I got a phone call from Kim today. That was the first time I had talked to her since she left. She had called to tell beepa that she parked under a tree. Which is a good laugh and a half because those florida trees dont give much shade.

Everybody has seemed to get here early today. Josh got here at 1, Gram, Robin and the kids got here at 2ish, Josh says steph, Chris,and Jenn should be here in about an hour which will be around 4 or 4 30. Judy and the Silvas just arrived as well. Its nice to see their faces. and of course my mom left early from work to get here sooner.....and ive missed her so it will be nice to see her as well.

I saw a smile on Robins face a few times today and it had been a long time sence i had seen a smile on her beautiful face. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling....

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