Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nothing is Woking Out

So Im probably not going to get a car. That depresses me. I have no one to sign all that car paper work cause mom cant do it right now and neither can my dad. Hmmmph. Might as well cross my name of the drivers ed list. I've lost all hope.


Steph said...

You keep your name on that drivers ed list, take the class, pass the test and save your money.
You will have your car. Don't give up before you've even gotten started.
You can do this.

Robin said...

You're forgetting that just having your drivers license will be fun!

Once you stop focusing on the car and focus back on getting your license you will feel better.

Kim said...

Heather, this gives you the opportunity to SHOW us what you can do. If you saved $200 a month for the next 9 months, you will have $1800 for a car. You will have enough for a car at the end of the school year. What a great gift for yourself. Save a little more than $200 a month and you will have the money for registration. Perhaps if your Mom saw what you are capable of doing in 9 months, she will try to help you out in some way next June.

Life is expensive my Heather-Feather. These are hard lessons to learn. But you have the opportunity to show us how determined you are. I believe in you, do you believe in yourself my cutie??? Don't give up:)

Jenny_Lin said...

Hey man.
You WILL get a car, actually. Just keep saving your money and it will come sooner than you think. Be positive!
You won't have your license for a few months, so save as much as you can before then. Once you get your license you can look for a car. I got one like a week after I started looking once I had enough money.
Sure you've lost hope. For THIS car, but not for getting one at all.
The thing that sucks is that you want one NOW. I know! I hate waiting! But seriously, you can save a lot of money by the time you get your license in December (?) and what's the point of having a car before that then when you could be saving up more for a better one? No waiting involved. You know there are cars out there for under a grand. It will all work out.