Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drivers Ed!!

So today I signed up for drivers ed and I start on October 31 ( Halloween). I have 15 classes for 8 weeks so I end on December 19Th. It will be a great Christmas present to myself.

I'm going to have to change the days I babysit but I still have to work so I can keep up with the money.

Anyways, I don't really feel like writing cause I'm really mad at Scott's brother cause he's a horrible person. I try to find the good in him but I just cant. I pray that some day he will change for the better. Its really started to affect me and Scott's relationship...what should I do? Any suggestions?

and i used spell check auntie steph!


Kim said...

You can't wait around for the young brother to change. You need to decide to let it go, or don't hang around him.

Good luck in driver's ed. No talking on your cell phone.

Steph said...

You can't change anyone else Heather Feather...only yourself.

Driver's Ed...wooo hoooo!