Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Opportunity.

My french teacher and a Spanish teacher at my high school are planning a trip to go to France and Spain for next April Vacation. I've really wanted to go to Paris since 9Th grade and I finally have the opportunity to do it. I feel like this is a one chance opportunity for someone my age. Especially since the high school doesn't do this very often, like maybe once ever 4 years. Big problem... MONEY. It will cost $2,199. However, when my teacher finds out who will actually be going ( and she will know because you have to make a $95 pay to be sure your going but that $95 is still part of the $2,199) so when she figures out who is actually going there will be a parent/teacher/child meeting to set up fund raisers and payment plans etc etc. I really really really really really really really really really want to go but I also have to save up for a car. So I'm like ' Car? Europe? Car? Europe? Car? Europe? ' i think if we do fund raisers and what not it shouldn't be to hard for me to save up for a car too. So since my birthday and Christmas is before next April Vacation. Money is defiantly on my list. And it wouldn't be waisted. Every little bit counts so make sure you remember I want money for my birthday. That probably makes me sound real greedy but i don't mean it like that.

First off this is what the $2,199 fee is for:

1.Round trip airfare
2.7 overnight stays at a beautiful hotel ( Ill be there for about 10 days total, 1 day arriving 1 day leaving)
3.Breakfast and Dinner
4.Full time bilingual tour director
5.3 sightseeing cities: Paris, Barcelona and Madrid
6.1 sightseeing by personal director: Carcassonne ( wherever that is)
7.Walking tours in Paris and Barcelona
8.Orientation tour in Madrid

These are the plans:
Day 1- we leave on the Thursday before April Vacation and we are excused from school
and its a 6 hour plane ride over the Atlantic( obviously )

Day 2- we are introduced to our tour directors and he/she explains rules and what we are doing ( that's the only boring part )

Day 3- we visit Paris and the Eiffel tower, something to do with Napoleon( i think his house or museum, Louis XI V's home for the wounded soldiers, the Ecole, the Opera Garnier and the Place Vendome.

Day 4- Free time in Paris. We can walk around and do whatever we want with our chaperone's. spend money..ha ha if i have any to spend

day 5- we go to the Musee d'orsay. Museum of art work by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Sisley, Pissarro and much more. After that we do a walking tour of Paris ( or some of it) Then we go to the Norte dame Cathedral ( so excited )I think about the Hunch back of notre dame when i think about visiting it.

day 6- we arrive in Barcelona and Toulouse. But we mostly visit Carcassonne that day.Than back to Barcelona.

day 7- we go to the la sagrada familia which is a huge-mungus church and its beautiful( check it out on Google images), we go to the Magic fountain of Montjuic than we go to the top of Montjuic hill. then we go to the Plaza de colon which was built in honor of Christopher Columbus (even though i don't like him very much)
Then we go to where the famous artist Gaudi lived.

Day 8- we go to Zaragoza and that was a city founded by Caesar Augustus in 19 B.C. After we visit that city we head over to Madrid.

day 9- Last visit in Europe to Madrid.We go sightseeing and pass through the 9 arched gateways leading to the renaissance hub of the city. We go to the grand square. We visit the castle of King Philip V. ( who ever that is ) At night we get to go watch the Flamenco dancing.

Day 10- That's the Saturday before school starts back up...we head back home all pooped out from all the excitement.

Sunday- we go home and sleep

My best friend Becka and I would really like to do this together. She's going to be a senior next year and thinks it will be better than going to Boston for a senior trip. I'm real excited and hoping my mom gives me the O.K. I will bring my camera tons of baterys and tons of memory cards so i can show pictures to everybody. I'm actually hoping Mr. Martin will let me take his Olympic camera over. I don't think he'd have a problem with . I think he'd be wicked excited for me to take pictures of that kind of stuff.


Steph said...

Go Go Go!!!
Just do it!

JoAnn said...

we're taking donations steph

JoAnn said...

have fun heather.
love you