Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life's good

So I told you about my new job at wal mart. They hired me right on the spot over vacation. I then went to camp and when I came back I went right into surgery so I couldn't really work or have do my training. I called them back and no one that I needed to talk to was available because they to went on vacation. So I got mad and applied to other places. Well last Friday wal mart called me back and asked me to go in and take a pre-employment drug test. So I went today and Myles, the big boss, told me that Stacey, his assistant, will call me after they get the results back and she will set up training and hours for me to start. YAYY ME

Mom asked if I passed the drug test and I told her yes even though I really don't know the results but I have no doubt I will pass because IM A DRUG FREE KID. GIVE HUGS NOT DRUGS ♥


JoAnn said...

I'll give you a hug...
right after u get the rest of the yellow PAINT off my car.

Robin said...

Yes Heather. Luke says he'll give you a hug anytime.