Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dont Like Change

I was so excited getting this job. I thought about all my possibilities getting money in my pocket. I would save every last penny of it to put a down payment on a car and then hope I made enough to pay monthly payments. I know I will because I've been working a lot. I've already worked 20 hours and today Ill be working for 8 hours. Then I have to work tomorrow. I don't want to work both days every weekend. I'm still a teen and I have things I want to do too. I used to go see Scott every weekend but now when I work he doesn't and when I don't work he does. So there is no time to see each other. My biggest concern is not being able to go to camp. If I have to work Saturday and Sunday every weekend I'm going to cry.

Mom told me you guys saw 6 moose. I wanted to cry real bad because the only nature I saw was a spider in the car WHILE I WAS DRIVING and it was HUGE. Bigger than a quarter. And it's still in the car not dead... EWWW BEEPA COME KILL IT!!!!

I wanna see mooseys


Jenny_Lin said...

Yeah, jobs are exciting at first. Until you realize that you don't get to do anything. I just got a new job too, and it's going to be hard. Even getting there, cuz I don't have a car. Plus, I miss my boyfriend, I only see him once or twice a week and I used to see him every second of every day. But I know that everything in life is pretty much temporary, so I'm just like, whatever. Ya know? Plus, every second that I'm working, I think about how I'm making money.

Heather said...

Not worth thinking about making money when Im making 6.50...for now I get a raise in 5 months 2 weeks and 4 days.

Steph said...

Alyssa could come kill it for you. Her Mom taught her how to smack 'em with her shoe.