Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh Deer!

Apparently the deer arent the only things getting hit by cars now a days. Let me tell you my story, its short.....

Today I was walking home and I took my normal route. As I was passing cumberland farms, the convientient store that Im sure you all know, a lady was waiting to pull out of the drive way thingy. She was looking RIGHT at me and wasnt moving or anything so when like 30 LONG seconds passed I decided to keep walking. Now, I usually go around the car or truck but this time I did not. I should have. That lady who SAW me walking started to pull out of the parking lot. SHE HIT ME. Well she nudged me but hard enough to hurt. And that stupid lady kept trying to pull out until I hit my fist on her hood. She could have run me right over. Mom laughed at me and Im sure kim will to and probably the rest of you....But im telling you wednesdays are haunting me!!!!

Anyway today I feel a lot better. Haha, today I went to school after missing two days 'cause i was sick. I got to second period and found out that I have friday off and monday! So lucky me I only had to go in two days this week and only three and a half next week.

Jenn, I am switching classes because its clear that I am not as smart as the rest of my family ( ive seemed to lack those genes ) and Im going down to the regular college classes insted of the advanced college classes.Ill do much better in those classes.


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