Thursday, November 8, 2007


Its cold. Much colder than it was last year this time around. Maybe we'll actually get a white Christmas. but lets not jinx it.

anyway I have tomorrow and Monday off, as you know. whew i get to sleep in. The most amazing part is...I'm not going to Scott's house. Can you believe it. It's kinda weird considering that every moment of free time that Ive had has been with Scott pretty much for the past two years ( unless i was grounded ) His mother is going into surgery tomorrow that's why. Not really major surgery but sorta more risky than non major surgeries. but what isn't risky now a days anyway? I'm going to see him Saturday instead of tonight or tomorrow so I guess Ill call some friends and see what they re doing or something.

OMG I almost forgot. You remember how I started to be more friendly and make new friends and stuff because of the Rachel's challenge? Well today at lunch I saw some kids play hack outside. I decided that since my mother failed to give me lunch money that I would go play with them. So I joined. Actually as lunch went on a lot of other kids joined as well. You should have seen the people from different cliques in the circle. Ive never liked cliques and Ive never really labeled myself because I have a variety of friends, "cheerleaders", "football players", "choir peeps", "band geeks", "the hicks" and others who choose to do what I do best, not label themselves in any clique. I didn't play very well in hack but it was fun because I got to see that kids who were different could actually get along with other people. I'm PROUD of not being labeled. I just wish that other people in these so called cliques could realize that most of them are alike. But they wouldn't know it unless they were in my shoes. I try to tell them but they just don't care as much. Since Ive been in high school Ive been going by this " You re only afraid of those who remind you of yourself." So be the best person you can be and the only thing to "fear is fear itself."

This probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I didn't really think this out. I just wrote down my thoughts as I thought it.

PS. 16 days until my birthday
pss. I still am unsure of what I would like
psss. mom, I still really want an I pod!


Kim said...

Well I can't wait around any longer waiting for your birthday list. I'm just going to have a 2008 Lexus delivered to your door with a big red bow on top.

Heather said...

OMG...only in my dreams kim!