Friday, November 16, 2007

Let It Snow!

Did you southern New Hampshireners get snow? We did! I walked home in it. But It wasnt enough to stick or cover the ground. Whitefield already has like 6" those lucky snowmens! And it was really stupid of me to walk home without a swearshirt on...

Um I guess I spelled spelt wrong which is REDICULOUS! It didnt show up on spell check. So HA. Even spell check spells spelt wrong. Plus Im going to be a veary famous person, like the president so I can change all these words that I spell wrong to be spelt right. So doctor will be spelt docter and spelled will be spelt spelt!

Did you know that independence war thingy started on Alyssas birthday in 1775? betcha I just learned you a new thing!

well everybody my birthday is in 8 days! Grammies is on monday!

And Robin...I did get "beaut" from my grandmother so you can blame her. Oh and I also got my shoe obsession from her as well....she started me young I tell ya!

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