Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Im not too Impressed

I went to my interview early. I got there around 12:15 and at 12:20 we started the interview. I get in there and she was looking over my application and said " Oh you're not 18?" I said " No, I thought I put my birth date on the application." She said I did but she didn't look over the application before Mr. Mitchell sent up and interview. Then she asked me why I applied if the applicant had to be 18 and I told her that the website said nothing about having to be 18 ( only I told her in a more polite way) and she appoligized and said she would have that fixed right away.

I am definatly not impressed. They wasted my time and theirs because they didn't look over my application. It made me look like a fool.


Steph said...

You didn't look like a fool at all. That was their mistake. Keep your chin up..something will come up soon.

Steph said...

Where are you feather????