Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so excited to go to camp tomorrow. I have my costume almost all ready. I watched the third Indiana Jones last night and then started building my costume at like 10:30 at night and didn't stop for two hours. Actually Scott pretty much made it for me I just glued things together. Oh and its not really a character. Its more like part of a scene from the movie. I thought that would be okay. I hope so!

Today I get to go to Robins and help her get ready for camp too. I'm excited to see her, the kids, and Jack! So I was up today at 5:45am and never really fell asleep til around....2 am? I don't even feel tired at all. Ive slept so much for the past week ( too bad I didn't get paid for sleeping. Id be rich) that I guess my body just isn't tired anymore. I think I'm going through another growth splurt. Do 16 year olds get those? Pssh I hopes so! Jesse being 13 and taller than me just feels weird.

Anyways I gotta go wake up my mother so she can get ready for me to take her to work so I have the car today....

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Jenny_Lin said...

You're so friggen tall already.
You're taller than me!