Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I went to the dentist today because I'm my wisdom teeth are coming in and they are hurting my mouth real bad. They also are cramming my teeth together which makes me not want to smile because they look really bad. I've noticed a big difference since my wisdom teeth decided they wanted to pop through.

Dr. Scura explained to me why we have wisdom teeth if there isn't even enough room for them. Basically is because many years ago our jaws were bigger and we were more of the ape/cave man form and as he says " god only knows what we were chewing on then." Over time our diets change and we morphed into what we are now allowing us to have smaller jaws with less need of that 3rd molar(wisdom teeth). Then Dr.Scura explained every step of what would happen and why its good for people my age to get wisdom teeth taken out now. Again, basically because those teeth haven't formed roots yet and aren't embedded into the jaw bone.

These people were so much nicer then the denist office I went to before. So I get my teeth pulled out on friday the 25Th. Thats my 16Th year and 5 month birthday hahahaha.

Mom and I think that the waiting room was based off of the dentists waiting room in Finding Nemo because they had a big fish take with a clown fish like Nemo and a blue fish Like Dory. They had a couple othere wierd things in that take too. Like this green blob looking thing that moved. It was creepy. Then there was a shrimp and like these spider looking things and crabs.

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