Thursday, April 3, 2008

For Robin

Robin If you havent seen this episode of Jeff Dunham, you can watch it now.




Robin said...

Soooooooooooo funny Heather but are you old enough to watch those? Also, did you know that I had a ventriloquist doll when I was young and I wanted to be a ventriloquist? FOR REAL. Ask my kids, I can talk without moving my mouth.

Heather said...


I think Im pretty much old enough!

I remember when beepa was just finished with the frame of the camp and uncle joe was screwing the floor boards in and he said a lil something maybe I shouldnt have heard Lol. He did that often....I just was around at the wrong times....LOL.

So have you seen those before I posted them and did you really mean it? you think theyre funny?

Robin said...

I had never seen them before and I love that guy! I thought he was funny and like I said, I like a ventriloquist.

And yes, Uncle Joe did let things slip sometimes and I used to yell at him but in the scheme of things WHO CARES!@!!!!!

Heather said...

lol. It was funny tho cuz whenever he'd "slip" he'd just look at me and say " where'd you come from" haha

I miss him♥