Monday, April 14, 2008

Deffinatly wont be getting my license

I had my last drive today with my driving instructor, Mr. Lamarre. On the last drive he sort of pretends like its my drive with the DMV. I didn't do so well either. He said he was feeling nice today so took off only 15 points. You're only allowed to get 20 points or less off. He said he really should have taken off 30 points. How does that make me feel? Pretty Crappy. So on the drive back to school I did even worse.

I need to work on my parallel parking, coming on to the ramp of the bypass/freeway and staying in the correct lane. It wasn't that I was in the wrong side of the road it was that the paint is so worn off from all the salt and snow. I can't tell if its a two way side of the road or a one way side especially if its a fairly narrow road to be a two way. Which usually he will tell me a narrow road is two way like in down town.

My final for the class is tonight. I have no doubt that I will pass the class but I don't think I will pass the driving test for the DMV.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on passing the class!

That is REALLY GREAT news.
More GOOD News: You don't have to take that test until you are GOOD and ready to. YOU get to decide when to send in the paperwork to the State. Keep practicing your driving and when you're ready, make your appointment,keep your attitude up, and YOU'LL DEFINATELY GET YOUR LICENSE.

LOVE & MISS YOU ~ Auntie Steph

Robin said...

Awwwwwwww Heather!! All you need is practice and once you've practiced enough then you will be ready to get your license. Don't give up!!! Nothing gets done by giving up!

Heather said...

Thanks for your support aunty steph and aunty robin. I love and miss you too.