Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Steph was right...I was studying a lot. I wasnt grounded. Im the cutest most innocent little girl ever. I dont do anything wrong.

Do you remember how I told you about the PSAT I took. Well I got an average score. Just average, not above average, or below average. Just average. Which my guidence councilor said was great for a PSAT. Im not satisfied though.

OMG. My grades are still really good. I cant believe how well I am doing! I have edline which is a website you can look at to see current grades as long as the teacher has posted and still if we were to get report cards now Id be on honor roll. However, I have a low B in my science class and i will be switching the science class anyway because all my teacher does now is talk. nothing but talk. I want a more hands on way to learn. The only way to learn is to be taught how you learn best. Mrs. Gilbert is a more hands on teacher and i will be switching into her class next semester.
Also because of our new principle we are getting a new schedule. It will be block scheduling. That means there are only 4 classes a day and each semester its 1 credit so I can get up to 8 credits as appose to now where i can only be getting 7. Also instead of midterms after the first semester we get final exams because second semester we get 4 new classes. And the biggest advantage is not having so many books in my bag. The biggest disadvantage is that the credits are being raised to graduate and you have to get a 70 to pass where as now its only 60.

OMG ( agian) Scott got me a nail kit for my birthday because he knows i like that kind of stuff. YOu see this wasnt just any old nail kit it was an nail kit that you see in nail salons. I could do my own acrylic nail like in a nail salon. Turns out Im a natural because I need my own nails and they look prefessionally done. Makes me even more confused about what i want to do when i grow up. I really love doing make up, hair, and nails. But i also really love taking pictures. Ha pat, scotts brother lets me do his make up and nails all the time. Scott and patrick let me cut there hair. But pat hasnt let me in a long time cuz he wants to grow it out ( yuck). If mom let me do her nails i would do them but shes not as girly as I am.


Anonymous said...

Your mother is froo froo.

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