Friday, December 14, 2007


Well the weather pretty much makes me mad. I cant go see scott this weekend. The only day its going to be decent out is satuday and he has to work saturday. Like I said before its so hard to not see him on the weekends. I hate living 25 minutes away from him.

Speaking of that. Mom the other night pretty much told me that I should find someone else because 2 years is way to long for a teenager to be dating one person. I dont want to date anyone else. Grammie and Beepa have been together since she was 13. So why cant I be with scott? I dont see any problem with being with scott for this long. I know some of you think Im settling but Im really not. Ive been in two different schools since ive been with scott and if I liked someone else like I love scott I wouldve dropped scott probably a while ago. It upsets me when people tell me things like I should be with someone else. Im just living life day by day.

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