Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I chose..

I chose Thank You to sing by Ashanti. I means a lot to me as far as lyrics go. I think I said it was an easy song to sing in my previous post but I disagree with myself. Mostly because the song has some really high notes and some really low notes and some measures I have to sing without taking a breath so I have to take a sort of slilent deep breath before I sing that verse/measure. Its realy hard to explain.

Anyway. I am having troubles with drivers ed and I havent even started yet. See, I have this friend who will be taking the same drivers ed class as me. She has gotten things in the mail from our teacher and I have not. Ive already paid for drivers ed and if it turns out that im not going to be in the class i will be very upset. He is not returning our calls!!!

Tomorrow I get to go to school at 8 because I am taking the PSAT. Its a practice SAT so I can be prepared when and if I do take the SAT. ARENT YOU PROUD?!


Steph said...

I am proud Feather. The PSAT gives you a great idea of how the SAT works...so you'll know what to expect WHEN you take it!

Practice your song over and over.
Being prepared gives you great confidence!
Love You!

Kim said...

Good luck with Ashanti's song. I know you will do well. Just practice, practice, practice. Make your Mom crazy with singing:)
(If I were singing a song it would be, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?")

I hope the Driver's Ed thing turns out OK. I wonder what is going on? Keep us up to date on that.

JoAnn said...

she doesnt need to sing to drive me crazy