Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I had my audition for the barbershop festival. This year there were new judges. I was hoping the judges were going to be the same as last year because I wanted to ask them if they thought I improved since last year. This is if they had remembered, but it doesnt matter because it wasnt the same people. However, these judges said that I was amazing and I have a really good wide range of pitches. I was proud of myself. Even though I'm almost guarrenteed of being in the festival this year because I was in it last year, the judges said that it would be a pleasure to have me in the festival agian this year and that I should be looking foward to the acceptance letter in January. YAYYY GO ME!

Anyway Mr Lamarre, the drivers ed teacher, finally called back and left a message saying that the class was full even before mom sent the forms in and everything. Im a little upset. Mom has to call him back again and discus it. So im going to go remind her right now...

oh yeah...hahaha my hair is BLUE


Jess said...

heather guess what>>>>>>> I have a blog. go to: ok? tell people if you can

Steph said...

Yay Feather!

Kim said...

Wonderful news on the auditions Heather! Keep us posted on that.

I can't believe the news about driver's ed! When is the next chance to take the class?? Keep us posted on that too.

Have a great weekend:)