Thursday, August 30, 2007


Im so excited today! Beepa is taking me up to camp with him. It will be just the two of us until Gram, Robin, Luke, and Alyssa get there. And then the rest of the crew.

I have to admit though, Im having mixed feelings about going to the fair. I met my uncle joe when I was only 3. Ever since I could remember Joe was going to the fair with us too. And this will be the first time we will be going without him. However, I have to look on the bright side of things too. Ill be going with my family, and thats an awesome gift. I wish Kim, Bob, and Jesse could come because I know they havent been to the fair in a veary long time, but also because we all miss them.

Today, I am thankful for this beautiful sunny day, I am thankful to be going up to camp today, and I am thankful for my family.

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