Thursday, November 19, 2009

"What do you do when you have given up?"

I don't do anything. I am completely miserable and more stressed out than I was when I was in the process of looking and applying. I don't know what to do. I dont know if theres anything I can do.

"Dont give up you really think you wont have a job forever?"

The only thing keeping me from going into a loony bin is knowing that I am going to Empire in 61 days and by january 2011 I will have my cosmetology license and I will have a good, stable, and secure job that I will love. But for now...having a job just isnt working out....clearly.


Kim said...

That's right Heather, having a job right now is not working out. So enjoy your time with your Mum. Talk to her often, ask her all about her childhood. How did she get her first job, what was it. The people that are filling the jobs you want, probably need them more than you right now. They might have kids they need to feed, cloth and keep a roof over their heads. I think once you stop thinking about your lack of a job, good things will come your way. Things will get better. Make good choices because you dont ever want to be in the situation where you have bills, or even children, that you can't take care of. And when you do get a job, save some money for times like these.

Sorry Heather, its in my blood. I must speak of these things, even though they are hard to listen to/read.

I hope you still come to my house for Christmas.

Robin said...

Maybe just "give up" for a day or two, regroup and then go at it again. Give yourself a chance to relax, be angry, etc. But don't give up for good Heather! By giving up your lack of employment is certain. If you keep trying if nothing else, you are couragous and persistent for doing so.

Heather said...

It wasn't hard to read and theres no hard feelings either. I often think about that too but a part of me is still selfish about the job thing.

Ill still come for christmas. Haha