Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senior Life So Far

I enjoy not having to carry around a 30 lb back pack. I just carry around a large purse. I only have two academics. Only one class I need a text book but even then its only the size of a jodi picoult novel =P.

My schedule is as follows:

Technology in America Block 1: This is a history class and it's actually not too bad. Its all about how we got tools from native American time all the way until now where technology is so advanced. Makes you think hard about how much me do have to make life easier. I love my teacher Ms. Bennett shes makes it fun and interesting.

Comic Traditions Block 2: This is an English class. Basically we just study the writers that make a piece funny, like Janet Evonovich =p. And we get a chance to write our only pah-larious pieces ourselves. This is my third year in a row having Mrs. Bordeau so I fell real comfortable in her class.

Digital Photography Block 3: Aunty steph would love this class! We learn EVERYTHING about cameras. To how they work, what each setting does and why the settings work, and all the way down to taking pictures ourselves and editing them on photo shop. =)This is my second favorite class.

Creativity and Design Block 4: This is my most favorite class and I think Aunty Kim would Love it. It's all crafts. We get to learn how to make jewelery. We get to do pottery, we will be doing clay crafts, weaving, different kind of homemade books, illuminated letters, stained glass ( which I'm nervous bout cuz we cut the glass ourselves) and a ton more. I can't wait to teach everyone the new crafts I learn. This is the first and only art class I have taken through out my whole high school career.

Unfortunately aunty robin I switched the class I thought you would've liked. It was digital design and imaging. basically web design and stuff. Photography was more my thing.

I get to leave campus to go to lunch which I have already taken advantage of. Today I went across the street ( woo! go me! big dare devil) to Laconia House of Pizza aka L-HOP and I got a sub. It was much yummier than cafe food!

Senior year will definitely be the most fun and easiest.

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