Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still Don't Know

I got my results back from the blood test. There wasnt really much to worry about. My liver enzyme count was a little high, but really nothing to worry about at all. My fasting insuline levels were also a little high but again nothing to worry about. And by the way mom, I looked up what fasting insuline was and its the insuline levels your body has when you fast and I had to fast for that test. I don't have diabetes or nothing, I just have to watch the carbs I eat and record what I do eat and when for now. She'll keep an eye out on that as well.
But the thing that is stumping everyone the most is my LH hormone levels. LH is a hormone that dont usually rise until a women is going through menopause. So my doctor is unsure of where this is coming from. So more tests will be done to figure out where its coming from. My first test is on Monday.
I'm really grateful that this is all it is. It could be a lot worse but its not and it can be fixed.
Thats really about it, I dont have to keep you updated any more since it's nothing so serious it cant be corrected.

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