Friday, June 19, 2009

So Now What?

School is out for summer. As most of you know last summer I didn't make one cent. I didn't want to give up my summers at camp yet. But now I realize that I should've. I could've worked a little bit harder to find a job, but I didn't.
This summer I plan on working as much as I can. I work saturdays at Ames Farm Inn. I'm still waiting to hear back from Tom at Levi's ( which should be soon cuz he said by the end of this week )I'm pretty confident I will get the job. If I do, I'll be working from 4:30 pm til about 10pm on weekdays and saturday. Then all day sundays. Im working the evening shifts because I have to wait for mom to get home. BUT when the three places down town open up ( Walgreens, CVS, and My Coffee House ) I plan on applying to work day shifts because I can just walk there.
Thank God for edline because I have been able to look at all the grades I got on my final.
Memoir I got a 95 making my class average an 87
I finally passed physical science with a 72 making my class average and 84
Early Childhood I got a 99! making my class average an 88
Concert Choir I got a 75 =( but my class average is an 83
History I got a 90 making my class average an 81

This is sadly my first year in high school passing every class I took this year including first semester. I don't have to retake anything. But I am proud of myself. Senoir year will be incredibly easy so hopefully we will make it two years passing all my classes

Also I want my aunts to know how grateful I am for everything they have done for me. I know that sounds corney and random but it's true. Im grateful for my whole family of course, but its just lately that my aunts have done a lot for me.

Aunty Robin helped my mom and I get my recording on to a CD-R so I could send it in to the red sox. I know to her its not hard to do, but for mom and I it's like rocket science. With out her I wouldn't have been able to get it on a CD and send it in.

Aunty Steph is taking my senior pictures so I don't have to pay $150-200 for them. In a way we are helping each other out. She has an assignment to take formal pictures and I need senoir pictures. She is even driving all the way up to Laconia to take them so I dont have to find a ride down there.

Aunty Kim has let me stay with her not once but twice down in Florida. She even let my best friend come down with me this last time. With out her I don't think I would've experienced even half the things I did while I was with her. We did things like go to a seaquarium and watch dolpin and whale shows. We took a long drive down alligator ally and counted 122 gators! We went on an air boat ride. We went to cold stone creamery where I experienced the best ice cream ever. We went on a Safari where I got to see incredible animals. And so much more.

I'm equally grateful for all of them.

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Steph said...

But secretly more grateful for me though right Heather???