Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good News

Yesterday I recorded the anthem with 'G' and put it onto a CD. It took me eight times to get it right. Some reasons were because the office kept going over the intercom and others being because I would stop in the middle of a verse because I didn't like how it sounded. And I still don't. But whatever. I'm going to see if I can get it on here some time. I cant now cuz mom has it at Robins.

Also yesterday my best friend graduated. I am really proud of her and I know she will work just as hard if not harder in college as did in LHS. I will miss her a lot at school. I will miss having lunches with her, or finding her in the hall ways in between classes and yelling 'I LOVE YOU' across the halls. But I know we will still remain friends. Our friendship is way to strong to let it go that easily. We do way to much together. The best part about that is we rarely get sick of each other and if we do we aren't afraid to say it because we both know we wont be offended if one of us does get annoyed by the other.

To prove we do everything together we got another job together. Which is working at Ames Farm Inn on Saturdays. We even both have an interview tomorrow for Levi's. Her's is at 11:30 and mine is at 1. I have complete faith that both of us will get this job.

Levi's is actually a year round job. When I went in to apply the lady who gave us our apps said that they were hiring because 4 people left, So they were at least hiring 4 people. =) I'm grateful for multiple reasons. One, I went in to apply at the right time. Two, I have and interview. Three, its year round and NOT seasonal :). Four, I hear the pay is good. And five, I'm hoping to save enough money all summer to get a car in at least November. I would get a car by maybe the end of summer but I figure it's best to wait a little while longer til my birth day month so I don't have to pay for inspection and registration twice in like 2 or 3 months. Smart? I know.

Anyway, I will post tomorrow after my interveiw to let you know how it went. Wish me luck.

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Beckie Baby said...

You're so right. We're too close and do too many things together for anything to come in between us. Love ya cutie.