Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, The Pains of Mothers Day.

Yesterday, Mothers Day, I woke up and began cleaning my room because thats what mother asked for. "A clean house." As I am taking a break I hear a loud sigh coming from the living room about every 3 minutes. Finally I open my door and say "What do you want?" and she would reply "Ohhhh nothing." She kept doing this over a period of say a half hour? Finally I said "Wouldja stop beating around the bush and tell me what you want?" She said "Food." I ask her what she wants and she doesn't know. So I sit around the house waiting for her to tell me but she never gives me an answer. Finally she comes up with the idea of me making her mac and chesse. ( not a very healthy choice I may add ) and so I put some water on to boil and then I pour the noodles in to cook. When the noodles are done I need to strain them. I'm not exactly sure how this happend, maybe I wasnt paying attention, or maybe I poured to fast, or maybe I spilled it, but in a second I spill the BOILING water all over me. With a culdrin in one hand and a pot in the other I hesitated on where to put them. Drop both in the sink or on the counter. Fianlly I just dropped both where ever my hands were hovering. I lift my shirt to find THIS on my left belly. Yeah it was kinda hard to tell if it was swollen. Haha. But it was deffinately red and causing me pain.


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