Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Prepared

I've been getting a lot of criticism lately. It's because I'm graduating in January next year. I can because I've been working hard to earn my credits. Did I know that I would end up with so much by this time? No, I didn't. Was it my plan to graduate early as soon as I walked in my freshman year? No, it wasn't. Today Mrs. Chapman, my guidance councilor, took me out of class to discuss next years schedule because I will be graduating early. When I get back I get judgment from my friends. They say things like " why would you do that?" or "you wont be able to walk at graduation if you do that." What I have to say for that is that they are ignorant about this particular subject because I will be able to walk in June with the rest of my class mates. It has already been discussed amongst my principle, my councilor, and I. I will just already be in Empire by the time June roles around. ( as I write that the phone rings and its the director of Empire, I will be going in for a shadow to see just what they do. I will also be talking to her about financial aid.) Anyway. My point is, I have been working hard for this, but it seems like no one has anything good to say. People have been saying I'm just doing it to get out of school and that my transcript won't look so good. That's not true. I have all my academics and I have 8 electives including music, art, and early childhood education. So if later in life I want to go to school for music, art, or child development I can do so. I'm not doing it just to get out of school early. I want to get started. I've done what I need to do in high school and I'm ambitious about starting cosmetology.
I don't know why I'm so concerned about what my friends are saying, I just am. It's not like they know what my transcript looks like and stuff. That only matters to me right?
Mom supports what I am doing as long as I get to walk at my graduation and I do. I'll just be ahead of most of my class mates.


Robin said...

There will always be people in life that try to drag you down Heather. I think that most of them are just unhappy with their own situations. It hurts just the same when they are people you care about. You just have to make the best decision that you can after honestly looking at all your options. No one else walks in your shoes.

Jenny_Lin said...

They're just wishing they could graduate early. Do you think any one of them wouldn't take an opportunity like that?