Monday, February 11, 2008


My computer is wicked gay and wont let me post pictures of my newly painted room! SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!

I got or should I say my mother got, a drivers ed packet today in the mail because I start in less then a month. Some things I think I will keep in the glove compartment because I think Ill have to reminded her of some of the things the packet says like, " Give them plenty of practice time" and " Be patient with them " and " Teenagers love praise and encouragement, give them plenty" and " Let them be responsible for their own decisions while behind the wheel" Stuff like that.

I also got my "out of class" drivers log so I can start getting my hours in now, If someone would just take me for goodness sake!!!! I NEED 20 HOURS OF AT HOME PRACTICE PEOPLE!!!! 16 hours total with my drivers ed teacher. Thats 36 hours which means thats a day and a half total!!! goodness gracious.

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