Tuesday, January 8, 2008


You asked me my opinion about god and I gave it too you. Why are you giving me a hard time about it? (mom told me to put it plain and simple like that instead of beating around the bush)

Drunk driving is bad and wont label people who do it either because I know one person who had been drunk driving and they happen to be very close to me. I think people who have problems like that need more support than critism and I feel that way because I did live a household with a drug addict. And at the time I didnt want him to get help but over the years Ive learned. I dont agree with most decissions peole make. I have grown up so fast and I have learned so much about that type of life style because I have been on the other side of that life style. I know the disapointment and I know the feeling. Its hard to explain but just living with an addict taught me a lot. I know the feeling of some of people who I had described. Ive been judged based on my personal life my WHOLE life.

When I said it wasnt based on opinion anymore and it was based on fact. I meant that its basically a fact that the world is based on opinion and opinions hurt people.


Jenny_Lin said...

Heather- I don't think anyone was giving you a hard time or being mean.

Yeah, people make bad decisions. People meaning everyone. Sometimes people do things because they only care about themselves- I guess. Sometimes people just don't think. Sometimes they just don't care. Sometimes they give up and don't feel strong enough.

Whatever the reason, most people learn from their mistakes whether people forgive them or not.

This world is not meant to be perfect. Where Joe is- that is perfect. I think that anyone can handle anything. But sometimes it's hard- really hard- and it's a lot easier to give up or at least feel helpless. People do that a lot. Sometimes it feels impossible to feel anything but helpless.

Things happen in this world that cause people to make bad decisions- that won't go away. Even if the whole world thought the way that you did, It wouldn't be perfect the way you'd like it to be. Besides, everyone has a different opinion of perfect. Maybe to a murderer, a perfect world is one where you can kill someone when you are mad.

God knows that these people exist, yes, but I don't think he made them that way. People make their own decisions-whether they are wrong or right in other people's eyes.

People need to choose for themselves between what they think is wrong or right, just like they choose whether or not they believe in God, or anything else for that matter.

Don't let the world (or other people and the hurtful things they say) bring you down. Don't let it bother you when people judge you. They do that- and will never stop. Just do your best. For you.

Heather said...

I never said I wanted the world to be perfect. Those words never came out of my hands or mouth. Two no one is understanding what im trying to say so I give up. Thats what I do best, Im a quitter.

Robin said...

Heather dear, not one letter of my comment was mean to give you a hard time. Did you think that I was?

Heather said...

No Robin not you. I didnt think anyone was meaning mean. But Kim was sort of implieing that she thought i thought she labeled people or whatever. And mom said that some of you might be upset with my blog bcuz it sounds like im being negative about the world but what i was really trying to say is that those are problems we have with the world and if i could id fix it. It was really suppose to be a possitive sort of thing but turned out sounding negative I guess.

Kim said...

Well it did sound to me like you were saying that everyone lables people Heather. You wrote in capital letters that NOTHING IS ACCEPTED anymore. I don't believe that. We have more women running businesses than ever. Women who make more money than men. We have kids with special needs in Public Schools. We have a woman running for President and a Black person also. When you boldly put out a statement like that, I assumed you meant everyone was being labled and that everyone is a "labelor". You didn't make it sound very positive at the end either. "I'm one person and no one will listen to a 16 year old". How was I, as the reader supposed to take that? I really thought you were in a bad place, and very angry at the world. You sounded as though there was no hope. That everyone was doomed.

It's hard to convey in an email what you are trying to get across to people. I think if you had only hit on one topic or point, it would have been easier for me to understand.

I'm sorry for giving you a hard time. I just wanted you to see the world in a different view. Mine. Which is the correct view. hahahahahaha Just kidding.

Anyway, I hope I made some sense and that you will still want to see me next week.

Now if you reread my post, you will see that I am just trying to convey to you that I want a piece of cheesecake.

Robin said...

Kim- that's EXACTLY what I got!! Cheesecake!

And Heather, you did say .."at least HALF of my readers won't even ACCEPT what I had to say.." and in that regard I can see how it would be easy for your readers to feel a like "what the heck??!!" after reading that post.

Heather said...

Of course i still want to see you next week kim. I wasnt mad at you or anyone else. I think i was more frustrated at myself than anything because what i was trying to say didnt come out right.

When i said at least half of my readers wont accept what i had to say i was just trying to proove a point.

Me and mom had a discussion the other night about this and I brought up what if one of us in our family did something like what i was trying to say and some of the rest of us like didnt even want anything to do with whomever we were upset with. And she said that no one in our family could ever do anything bad enough to not want anything to do with eachother. I agree with her. She also made the point that our family is very head strong and i agree with that too and when we can all be head strong we sorta head butt and I didnt mean to do that. I think we get that from Gram and Beep not that its a bad thing....