Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Um okay?

So I didnt have to go into school until like 12 for my English final today. We had to bring our writers notebooks to class so she can read some of our entrys and grade them and stuff. Well she gave mine back to me with some comments. On the veary last page of my writers notebook she wrote "You have some amazing talents Heather and youre an amazing writer. The only thing I have to say is that you have some very strong opinions and you may want to be careful with that, especially as a writer." Thats an exact quote too. Word for word. So I asked myself more questions like, should I listen to an english teacher about if I can write or not? Or should I be listening to a professional critic? Thats not the first time she's told me she thought I could write. She told me one day after class. She told me in some other comments in my papers. I dont get her though. On one of my papers she told me I am a good writer but on that same paper she gave me a C-? Pssh whatever! So than what is a good writer?

Ive been so confused lately. Next year ( my junior year ) our guidence councilers encourage us to start to look for colleges and stuff. Well I still dont know what to do. I really want to be a cosmotologist but at the same time I really want to be a photographer. Scotts mommy told me to go to school for both and I was like "Wah? youre crazy" and she was saying how I could do both. She said that I could get into the modeling industry. I looked at her like she was crazy and said "yeah right! I dont want to model(for obvious reasons.) Then she was like no no you can do hair and make up and all that and then photograph them for high fashion. PPAHH thats funny. Id never make it that far not in my wildest dreams. So im in a pit of endless dreams I wanna do this and I wanna to that. But whats best for me. I wanna make it somewhere I wanna be somebody. I wanna be that girl that everybody wants to get their hair done from or that photographer that people know and recomend. Its all hard work. If I could really have it my way. Id sing. Id get a record deal some way and make it and be the anti-brittney! You know the type of role model that moms want there kids look up to and dance to my music or whatever. Again a bottemless pit of endless dreams!

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Kim said...

I think you can become a singing cosmostologist that takes pictures of your customers and sends those pictures to a modeling agency that you also work for.

That's what I think.