Monday, January 7, 2008

How I feel

In my English class, my teacher has us write in a journal about subjects that she gives us or on a quote she gives us. I guess she just thought this quote was going to be a good topic and a good class discussion.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the quote. I haven't really thought about whether not god made us strong enough to handle big situations. As a matter of fact, I don't even know if I believe in god. I think all the time about if there was a god and if he did have all the powers and what not that every one says he does, then why is our world the way it is. If he had all those qualities people say he does than why doesn't he fix the world and how we live. Don't you think he would have stopped all of it before it even happened? Don't you think that if he really knew what the future held he wouldn't have 'created' such a world. God loves us? If he did and if there is a god than why are there terrorists, murderers, rapists, thief's, and whole bunch of other types of people? I could go on and on and on about why I don't think that I do believe in him. Maybe its not about believing in him. Maybe I just don't have the trust and faith that other people have in him.

It just gets me to the point that NOTHING IS ACCEPTED in this world anymore. Mentally challenged people get picked on, 'gays' get picked on, fat people get picked on, people who are 'too thin' get picked on, adults who don't have jobs are labeled, adults who struggle with money are labeled, teens who don't do good in school get judged, teens who get married are labeled and judged, teen pregnancy is labeled and judged, people who go to 'poor' schools get labeled, people who go to 'rich' schools are labeled,people who aren't considered 'beautiful' are judged and labeled, people with STDS are judged and labeled, people are labeled for EVERYTHING. Is that really how we want to be? NO. Is that how the world was raised? Yes. We are followers. There is no leader. We follow somebody who has one opinion and then it turns to a big mess. This is what the world is and I choose to accept those people who aren't accepted. If I could I would change the views of people. If I could I'd change the world. But I choose to accept the fact that people can only change themselves. I'm one person and no one will listen to a 16 year old girl.

Remember how I said we could start a chain reaction to change the world? Well we did start a chain reaction, only this reaction isn't a positive reaction. Its the reaction of hurt lives, of hurt bodies, of hurt souls.

I bet you that at least HALF of my readers wont even ACCEPT what I just had to say. Its not based on opinion anymore, its based on fact.


Robin said...


You left out people who choose to drive know, the ones who smash into fathers and leave young chilren (like Luke and Alyssa) to live a life with no father, and wives (like me) to go to sleep alone every night. What about them? Or the ones that kill whole families in one swoop. Or the ones that just leave others paralyzed. Don't forget about the people who choose to drive drunk. Does that happen because there is no god? Or does it happen because they care about themselves more than anything else? That's what I would like to know.

Maybe it happens because none of us are perfect and we all have choices to make...and in light of the chaos in the world today, WE SHOULD ALL BE MAKING RESPONSIBLE ONES.

Kim said...


Too much in that post for me to address. My mother can explain God in a way that helps me understand things. She has read the Bible, I think more than once. Have you read the Bible?

What you listed as "facts" are not facts Heather. They are actually your opinions. I certainly do not feel the way you just described about all the people you talked about. I don't label all those people. And if you think that I do, well then I guess you don't think too much about me.

I hope you go back and reread what you wrote and maybe think a little differently. In the heat of the moment, we all feel "let down" by someone or something. Does that make the entire world and all of the people in it bad??