Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feb. Vaca

It went by way too fast. I did have fun. Friday night my two girlfriends came over. Rebecca and Rebecca. We at one point took my hamster and made a circle and let her run around and stuff. Mom heard us giggling from my hamster crawling on us. So she came in and Rebecca Huntoon was holding her at the time and when my mom walked in she pulled the hamster to her belly and sorta tried to hide it. That didn't work. We watched "Wanted" and it was a really good movie. and then we watched some other chick flick and we never got to bed until like 3:30. Rebecca Munn went home yesterday but Rebecca Huntoon stayed another night. Today we had to bring her home and now I'm just sitting her talking to her and Scott on AIM.
Tomorrow I'll be back to school if we dont have a snow day.

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