Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a Week

I had finals this week. I only had to go in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then i had Friday off. Except Friday I went in to school to take my choir final cuz the final is singing 4 songs, rhythm counting, and solfedging. Which is all verbal of course so the teacher had us sign up for days to take the final. I thought I signed up for Friday at 12 but I apparently did not. So i walked all the way to school to find that my final isn't until Monday at 12:15. I seriously think someone switched days cuz i did write in pencil and it could have been easily erased. Anyway I went on edline to see if my teachers have posted my final grades yet and 3 out of 5 did. My lowest grade is a c- and my highest is a B so far. I'm pretty proud of myself. So in the near future I will have some great news for you guys. You'll have to wait to find out.

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