Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Song Requests?

I plan on getting a web cam this week. People have asked me to post some new songs I can sing but I don't know what you would like. I preferably sing country songs because that's about all I can sing, but I do like challenges.

Just comment back with some requests and if I know them I will sing them. If not I will learn them.

A little update as to what Ive been doing this vaca. Not working. My 90 days are up so I'm looking for a new job. I also cut about 5-6 inches off of my hair. I look like a 10 year old but its kinda cute. =p


Kim said...

What do you mean about the 90 days being up? Was your job only for the Christmas season? That is a bummer:(

I will let you know my requests tomorrow, getting ready to watch a movie.

Amy said...

Your mom said you have a couple songs you like to sing karaoke why not start with those?! Glad you got your web cam!