Friday, December 12, 2008


Nothing much has been going on. I went back to school after thanksgiving break and continued working hard to keep my grades up. Ive been trying my best not to get any zeros and that's been working out well. The only zero I have is in Bio because this past Wednesday night I had my Christmas Concert and I didn't have time to do it. But I still have an 80 in that class so I'm all good.

As for the Christmas Concert it went well. Grammy and Sandra stopped by for dinner and then I left to go to school to warm up. Mom recorded it but I cant put it on the computer because I don't have a USB cord and I cant find one to fit the camera ANYWHERE. Anyone have any suggestions? We sang the songs well except for the last song which was Glory and we had to sing and dance which I clearly can not do. Haha.

My best friend Rebecca recorded some of one of the songs from the Christmas Assembly during school. The quality isnt so great because she did it on her camera and not a video camera but at least youll get an idea of it. Its a lot less formal though. During the concert we had to wear black on bottom and a white collared shirt with a red robe thing over it.

Heres the link¤t=12-10005.flv


Steph said...

I have a million billion different USB cords Heath, maybe I can find one to help you out. Sorry I missed your concert. Uncle Chris and I had to return the RV to our friend that night and I forgot all about your concert. I wish I'd remembered! I'm sure you sang beautifully, you always do. I love you!

Heather said...

That reminds me. Thank you for my birthday present aunty steph. It made my face look beautiful for the concert ♥

Kim said...

Oh hi Heather! Glad to read an update on your Blog. I hope you are practicing a song to sing to me when I get there in a few weeks.

Stay warm.