Friday, June 20, 2008

I cant take it!!!

Im quitting home goods as soon as I get another job.

My boss wouldn't give me my check tonight even when I asked for it. She also told me she'd give me the fourth off if my other boss confirmed that I told her I needed it off at the interview. So she did confirm it but the other boss still wont give me the fourth off. A girl who started the same EXACT day that I did already got a raise. She works two days a week and does her job poorly. I always end up redoing the work she does. This is crap. Sorry to those who are fans of the Tjx companies but I don't think how they are treating me is fair.

Im applying at Friendly's and at Merideth savings bank. Merideth Savings is hiring high school students and they pay well. Its also better because they are only open until 12 on saturdays and arent open on sundays so I could go up to camp saturday afternoons. I dont want to get my hopes up so Im trying to stay calm.

Opinions? I need help

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