Friday, September 10, 2010

Some For Now

I've been so crazy busy I cant even remember the last time I updated.

First off Ive been crazy busy with school. And while its been tiring going all summer and missing the time with my family at maidstone, I know it will be worth it soon enough. Im getting more and more return clients every month and making bigger tips. I know Im advancing nicely but I also know that there is always time to get better and learn new things. I have consistantly gotten honor roll every months since I've started way back in January. I cant believe that on September 20th Ill be in phase three, which is the last phase of my education.

On top of school Ive been working at Payless. I love working here because I love shoes, but also because Im so close with everyone who works there. Ive been working very hard and its been paying off. My managers see the progression and I will soon get a key to open and close the store. I have even started training the new associate.

With all the good news comes some bumps in the road. But I will tell you about that in my next post because for now I have to continue with my busy schedule.


Beckie Baby said...

Keep up all your good work, best friend. You're amazing at everything you set you heart to do.

Kim said...

The last time you updated was June 10th, 2010. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Heather said...

Oh okay. Thanks kim =p

Kim said...

Not a problem Heather, just trying to help:)