Monday, October 19, 2009

The Economy Needs to Change NOW

I am so sick of applying and re applying to jobs.
I am so sick of calling them a million times because they ask me to and then I don't even get an interview out of it.
I am extremely sick of having to rely on my mother or boyfriend to pay for things. I'm also incredibly sick of having to use my mothers car every where I go.
Nothing about the economy is working out for me.

Things that are working out for me:
I am officially enrolled into Empire Beauty School and start on January 19Th, 2010. Yes that's two days before I actually graduate but lucky for me I don't have to take finals as long as my grades are higher than an 80 which right now I'm getting straight A's.

Most of the time the good out weighs the bad and I don't get frustrated so easily about the bad because I know better. I've had enough things going on in my life to know that dwelling on the bad gets you no where. But when I haven't had any chance at getting a stable job, yeah I get a lot discouraged.

I am screaming help but what can anybody do for me? Nothing, this is something I have to get myself and apparently what I am doing isn't good enough. I don't understand why I have applied to every job and their mother and I don't get ONE interview. I applied to J-Jill and I could work there as soon as I turn 18. If I don't get this job considering my mother has worked there for 9 years, yeah that will give me reason to break down.

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