Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm getting ready today to go to Florida. I have to finish up whats left to do of the packing. Ya know the little stuff. Then I've to go over to Rebecca's house to make sure she didn't forget anything. Basically because she can't remember crap. Haha she knows it too. Then we gotta go the store to get lots of batteries for my camera so I can take a million and one pictures. Actually my camera will holy hold 700 but close enough. Then Scott is coming over to say good bye and give me money so I can get him some alligator jerky. Ewwwa.

Then mom, rebecca, and I will be going to auntie stephs for the night so we can get up at 5 30 or 6 to be at the airport my 7.

Have fun working and going to school for the rest of the week. HA!

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