Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's So Lucky

So guess who has an interview tomorrow?!!!

YUP me! Today I went to the Tangor Outlet because I saw on the website the a lot of the stores were looking for part time seasonal help. I figured even if it was seasonal I should still go apply because at least while I'm looking for a permanent job Ill be getting money. So I applied to a couple places. Throughout the night I was thinking about applying to the Gap but then I would rethink it because I bet you had to be 18. So the last place I went was the Gap because I knew I needed to give it a shot or at least ask if you had to be 18. I went in and I asked if they were hiring. She said yes and then told me the hiring manager was right behind me and told me that I should fill out the application right here and give it too her after. So the whole time I was filling out the application I was talking to the manager too and just being nice and trying to look like I was right for the job. I did the smile thing a lot which is what mom tells me to do cuz she says my smile is a killer. So I guess my smile was extra killer tonight because she scheduled an interview for me before I was even done the application. So tomorrow I have an interview at the Gap at 3! Yay me. Wish me luck

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